Boss Clima 1450mm x 1.8m x 5.7m platform height 7.7m working height

Product no.: AAC1451877
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1450mm wide double width
1.8m Long 6 ft
5.7m Platform height
6.7m Tower height top of guardrail
7.7m Working height safe, comfortable reach
Manufactured in the UK to, and certified BS 1139 PART3 1994
3T Specification latest method of construction
Patented colour coded brace hook for the most secure grip
250mm rung spacing for safe and easy access
Ribbed rung tubing for non slip grip
238 Kg weight


4 x 150mm Heavy duty locking castors
4 x Adjustable leg jacks with 250mm of height adjustment
4 x 8 Rung Clima frames 2 metres
2 x 6 Rung Clima frames 1.5 metres
2 x 4 Rung Clima frames 1 metre
1 x 1.8m Fixed platform
3 x 1.8m Hatch platforms
14 x 1.8m Horizontal red clip braces
10 x 2.1m Diagonal blue clip braces
4 x SP10 Telescopic stabilisers 2 x 1.8m Side toeboards
2 x 1.2m End toeboards
4 x Toeboard holder clips
1 x User guide

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